Adventure Cruising

Adventure cruising is changing the way we explore our world If the spirit of adventure appeals to you, along with the comforts of fine dining and unobtrusive service, spacious accommodation and the company of around 100 like – minded travellers, then read on as there is an adventure cruise experience that awaits you. Expedition cruising is emerging as a favourite amongst cruisers and non-cruisers alike for its exceptional offerings in remote locations. The Kimberley, Borneo, Papua New Guinea, Micronesia and The Golden Triangle, Russian Far East, Antarctica, Sub-Antarctic Islands, Japan, China, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, West Coast of Africa, Central and South America, Arctic and Remote North can be explored in a remarkable way. The nature of expedition cruising is such that you are immediately immersed into the destination whether on board, motoring about in a Zodiac craft or when solidly on terra firma.


Silversea – Silver Explorer

Compagnie Du Ponant


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